How to control vehicle physics

Physics properties can be tuned for vehicles and their wheels. These changes are applied only on runtime, and values are set back to default when the execution ends.

These properties are controlled through a carla.VehiclePhysicsControl object, which also provides the control of each wheel's physics through a carla.WheelPhysicsControl object.


import carla
import random

def main():
    # Connect to client
    client = carla.Client('', 2000)

    # Get World and Actors
    world = client.get_world()
    actors = world.get_actors()

    # Get a random vehicle from world (there should be one at least)
    vehicle = random.choice([actor for actor in actors if 'vehicle' in actor.type_id])

    # Create Wheels Physics Control
    front_left_wheel  = carla.WheelPhysicsControl(tire_friction=2.0, damping_rate=1.5, max_steer_angle=70.0, long_stiff_value=1000)
    front_right_wheel = carla.WheelPhysicsControl(tire_friction=2.0, damping_rate=1.5, max_steer_angle=70.0, long_stiff_value=1000)
    rear_left_wheel   = carla.WheelPhysicsControl(tire_friction=3.0, damping_rate=1.5, max_steer_angle=0.0,  long_stiff_value=1000)
    rear_right_wheel  = carla.WheelPhysicsControl(tire_friction=3.0, damping_rate=1.5, max_steer_angle=0.0,  long_stiff_value=1000)

    wheels = [front_left_wheel, front_right_wheel, rear_left_wheel, rear_right_wheel]

    # Change Vehicle Physics Control parameters of the vehicle
    physics_control = vehicle.get_physics_control()

    physics_control.torque_curve = [carla.Vector2D(x=0, y=400), carla.Vector2D(x=1300, y=600)]
    physics_control.max_rpm = 10000 = 1.0
    physics_control.damping_rate_full_throttle = 0.0
    physics_control.use_gear_autobox = True
    physics_control.gear_switch_time = 0.5
    physics_control.clutch_strength = 10
    physics_control.mass = 10000
    physics_control.drag_coefficient = 0.25
    physics_control.steering_curve = [carla.Vector2D(x=0, y=1), carla.Vector2D(x=100, y=1), carla.Vector2D(x=300, y=1)]
    physics_control.use_sweep_wheel_collision = True
    physics_control.wheels = wheels

    # Apply Vehicle Physics Control for the vehicle

if __name__ == '__main__':