Extended documentation

Below, you will find in depth documentation on the many extensive features of CARLA.

Advanced concepts

Recorder — Register the events in a simulation and play it again.
Rendering options — From quality settings to no-render or off-screen modes.
Synchrony and time-step — Client-server communication and simulation time.
Benchmarking Performance — Perform benchmarking using our prepared script.
CARLA Agents — Agents scripts allow single vehicles to roam the map or drive to a set destination.
Multi GPU — Set up the CARLA simulator to use multiple GPUs for processing.

Traffic Simulation

Traffic Simulation Overview — An overview of the different options available to populate your scenes with traffic.
Traffic Manager — Simulate urban traffic by setting vehicles to autopilot mode.


Recorder binary file format — Detailed explanation of the recorder file format.
Sensors reference — Everything about sensors and the data they retrieve.

Custom Maps

Digital Twin Tool — A procedural map generation tool that uses OpenStreetMap data
Overview of custom maps in CARLA — An overview of the process and options involved in adding a custom, standard sized map.
Create a map in RoadRunner — How to generate a customs, standard sized map in RoadRunner.
Import map in CARLA package How to import a map in a CARLA package.
Import map in CARLA source build — How to import a map in CARLA built from source.
Alternative ways to import maps — Alternative methods to import maps.
Manually prepare map package — How to prepare a map for manual import.
Customizing maps: Layered maps — How to create sub-layers in your custom map.
Customizing maps: Traffic lights and signs — How to add traffic lights and signs to your custom map.
Customizing maps: Road painter — How to use the road painter tool to change the appearance of the road. Customizing Maps: Procedural Buildings — Populate your custom map with buildings.
Customizing maps: Weather and landscape — Create the weather profile for your custom map and populate the landscape.
Generate pedestrian navigation — Obtain the information needed for walkers to move around.

Large Maps

Large maps overview — An explanation of how large maps work in CARLA.
Create a Large Map in RoadRunner — How to create a large map in RoadRunner.
Import/Package a Large Map — How to import a large map.