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This home page contains an index with a brief description of the different sections in the documentation. Feel free to read in whatever order preferred. In any case, here are a few suggestions for newcomers.

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Getting started

Introduction — What to expect from CARLA.
Quick start package installation — Get the CARLA releases.
First steps — Taking the first steps in CARLA.
Building CARLA — How to build CARLA from source.

CARLA components

Foundations — Overview of the fundamental building blocks of CARLA.
Actors — Learn about actors and how to handle them.
Maps — Discover the different maps and how do vehicles move around.
Sensors and data — Retrieve simulation data using sensors.
Traffic — An overview of the different options available to populate your scenes with traffic.
3rd party integrations — Integrations with 3rd party applications and libraries.
Development — Information on how to develop custom features for CARLA.
Custom assets — Information on how to develop custom assets


Blueprint library — Blueprints provided to spawn actors.
Python API — Classes and methods in the Python API.
C++ reference — Classes and methods in CARLA C++.

CARLA ecosystem

ROS bridge documentation — Brief overview of the ROS bridge and a link to the full documentation
MathWorks — Overview of creating a map in RoadRunner.
SUMO — Details of the co-simulation feature with SUMO.
Scenic — How to use Scenic with CARLA to generate scenarios.
Chrono — Details of the Chrono physics simulation integration with CARLA.
OpenDrive — Details of the OpenDrive support in CARLA.
PTV-Vissim — Details of the co-simulation feature with PTV-Vissim.
RSS — Details of the Responsibility Sensitive Safety library integration with CARLA.
AWS — Details of using RLlib to run CARLA as a distributed application on Amazon Web Services.
ANSYS — Brief overview of how the Ansys Real Time Radar Model was integrated into CARLA.
carlaviz — web visualizer — Plugin that listens the simulation and shows the scene and some simulation data in a web browser.

Contributing to CARLA

Guidelines — Guidelines on contributing to the development of the CARLA simulator and its ecosystem.
Coding standards — Details on the best coding practices when contributing to CARLA development.
Documentation standard — Details on the documentation standards for CARLA docs.


There are numerous tutorials covering CARLA features with code and guidelines for varied use cases. Please check the tutorials page for help with your work.

Extended documentation

The pages above cover most of the core concepts and features of CARLA. There is additional documentation in the extended documentation section covering advanced features in more depth.