How to build CARLA on Windows


Since version 0.9.0 the build system changed, the instructions in this document are no longer valid. While we work on fixing this, we recommend either compile Carla on Linux or switch to the stable branch. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Necessary software


Be sure that these programs are added to your path, so you can use them from your command prompt.


Environment Setup

In order to build CARLA you must enable the x64 Visual C++ Toolset. I recommend to use this environment for everything you do in this tutorial. You have different options:


Take care if you have Cygwin installed. This could cause the errors like /usr/bin/sh: rd: command not found While executing Reuild.bat.

Clone the repository

Go to the path you want to install CARLA and use git to download the project using the following command:

git clone

and get in the created folder:

cd carla

Automatic installation

Once you have downloaded the repo you can start with the automatic installation. This process may take a while, it will download and install the necessary Boost and Protobuf libraries. Expect 20-40 minutes, depending on your hardware and internet connection.

Script Use
Setup.bat Downloads and installs all the external dependencies, automatically calling the scripts in Util/InstallersWin/.
Rebuild.bat Builds carlaserver and launch the Unreal project.


  1. After navigate to your carla folder, run:

    Setup.bat -j 8 --boost-toolset msvc-14.1

    -j n will try to parallelize the git download and NMake compilation. If not specified, no optimization will be made.

    To see available commands, like which --boost-toolset you have to use depending on your Visual Studio version, use:

    Setup.bat --help
  2. When it's done, and if everything went well, Setup.bat will provide a link where you can download the assets manually. If you get some errors you can try the Manual Installation, open a new issue on GitHub or just ask on the Windows Discord channel.

  3. Unzip these assets into Unreal/CarlaUE4/Content. Create it if the folder is not there.

  4. Now let's compile carlaserver and start the Unreal project. Run:

  5. Later on it will ask you to rebuild:


    Agree and the project will be opened in the Unreal Engine in a few minutes.

Manual Installation


Since version 0.8.3, it is recomended to follow the automatic installation.

Download the assets

Download the assets from the version you need. Take a look at Util/ContentVersions.txt and follow the provided instructions to build the download link from the version's hash.

Create the folder Content in Unreal/CarlaUE4/ and unzip the content you just downloaded here.


Download and build for win64:

  • Boost 1.64
  • Protobuf 3.3.2

Building Boost for CARLA

Follow the official documentation to compile boost. Put the generated binaries in Util/Build/boost-install:

└── Build
    └── boost-install
        ├── boost-1_64
        |   └── boost
        |       ├── accumulators
        |       ├── algorithm
        |       ├── align
        |       └── [...] // and all the other libraries
        └── lib
            ├── libboost_date_time-vc141-mt-1_64.lib
            └── libboost_system-vc141-mt-1_64.lib

Building Protobuf for CARLA

From our batch file

Just use this batch script, it will download and compile a ready-to-use version. Put it inUtil/Build and just run it.


If something goes wrong, just follow the protobuf cmake tutorials, but add these cmake arguments:


Put the generated binaries in Util/Build/protobuf-install.

Compiling CARLA server

With your Visual Studio propmt, navigate into the carla folder where you cloned the repo with

cd carla

and use:

path\to\carla> make

If you have done everything alright, carla server must be installed successfully in Unreal/CarlaUE4/Plugins/Carla/CarlaServer.

Launch Unreal Engine

Double click Unreal/CarlaUE4/CarlaUE4.uproject and it will ask you to rebuild:



Compilation failures

If there are problems generating the dlls, right click on CarlaUE4.uproject and select Generate Visual Studio project files, so you can try compiling from the Visual Studio Editor and check the errors.



Just run Rebuild.bat:

path\to\carla> Rebuild


You must delete the following folders to completely rebuild your project:


Then you can clean the project and compile it again:

path\to\carla> make clean & make

You can do it more automatically with your prompt in carla folder:

path\to\carla> rmdir /q /s Unreal/CarlaUE4/Binaries Unreal/CarlaUE4/Intermediate Unreal/CarlaUE4/Saved Unreal/CarlaUE4/Plugins/Carla/Binaries Unreal/CarlaUE4/Plugins/Carla/Intermediate
path\to\carla> make clean
path\to\carla> make
path\to\carla> Unreal/CarlaUE4/CarlaUE4.uproject