How to add friction triggers

Friction Triggers are box triggers that can be added on runtime and let users define a different friction of the vehicles' wheels when being inside those type of triggers. For example, this could be useful for making slippery surfaces in certain regions of a map dynamically.

In order to spawn a friction trigger using PythonAPI, users must first get the static.trigger.friction blueprint definition, and then set the following necessary attributes to that blueprint definition:

  • friction: The friction of the trigger box when vehicles are inside it.
  • extent_x: The extent of the bounding box in the X coordinate in centimeters.
  • extent_y: The extent of the bounding box in the Y coordinate in centimeters.
  • extent_z: The extent of the bounding box in the Z coordinate in centimeters.

Once done that, define a transform to specify the location and rotation for the friction trigger and spawn it.

import carla

def main():
    # Connect to client
    client = carla.Client('', 2000)

    # Get World and Actors
    world = client.get_world()
    actors = world.get_actors()

    # Find Trigger Friction Blueprint
    friction_bp = world.get_blueprint_library().find('static.trigger.friction')

    extent = carla.Location(700.0, 700.0, 700.0)

    friction_bp.set_attribute('friction', str(0.0))
    friction_bp.set_attribute('extent_x', str(extent.x))
    friction_bp.set_attribute('extent_y', str(extent.y))
    friction_bp.set_attribute('extent_z', str(extent.z))

    # Spawn Trigger Friction
    transform = carla.Transform()
    transform.location = carla.Location(100.0, 0.0, 0.0)
    world.spawn_actor(friction_bp, transform)

    # Optional for visualizing trigger
    world.debug.draw_box(box=carla.BoundingBox(transform.location, extent * 1e-2), rotation=transform.rotation, life_time=100, thickness=0.5, color=carla.Color(r=255,g=0,b=0))

if __name__ == '__main__':