Create distribution packages for assets

It is a common practice in CARLA to manage assets with standalone packages. Keeping them aside allows to reduce the size of the build. These asset packages can be easily imported into a CARLA package anytime. They also become really useful to easily distribute assets in an organized way.

Export a package in a CARLA build from source

Once assets are imported into Unreal, users can generate a standalone package for them. This will be used to distribute the content to CARLA packages such as 0.9.8.

To export packages, simply run the command below.

make package ARGS="--packages=Package1,Package2"

This will create a standalone package compressed in a .tar.gz file for each of the packages listed. The files will be saved in Dist folder on Linux, and /Build/UE4Carla/ on Windows.

Export a package using Docker

Unreal Engine and CARLA can be built in a Docker image which can then be used to create a package or export assets for use in a package.

To create the Docker image, follow the tutorial here.

When you have the image ready:

  1. Navigate to Util/Docker.
  2. Create a CARLA package or prepare assets for use in a package by running one of the following commands:
# To create a standalone package
./ --output /output/path

#To cook assets to be consumed in a CARLA package
./ --input /assets/to/import/path --output /output/path --packages PkgeName1,PkgeName2

Import assets into a CARLA package

A standalone package is contained in a .tar.gz file. The way this is extracted depends on the platform.

  • On Windows extract the compressed file in the main root CARLA folder.
  • On Linux move the compressed file to the Import folder and run the following script.
cd Import


Standalone packages cannot be directly imported into a CARLA build. Follow the tutorials to import props, maps or vehicles.

That sumps up how to create and use standalone packages in CARLA. If there is any unexpected issue, feel free to post in the forum.