How to upgrade content

Our content resides on a separate Git LFS repository. As part of our build system, we generate and upload a package containing the latest version of this content tagged with the current date and commit. Regularly, we upgrade the CARLA repository with a link to the latest version of the content package. This document contains the manual steps necessary to update this link to the latest version.

  1. Copy the tag of the content package you wish to link.
    This tag can be found by looking at the package name generated in the artifacts section of the latest Jenkins build, e.g., 20190617_086f97f.tar.gz.

  2. Paste the tag in ContentVersions.txt.
    Edit ContentVersions.txt by pasting the tag at the end of the file, e.g. Latest: 20190617_086f97f (without the .tar.gz part).

  3. Open a Pull Request.
    Commit the changes and open a new Pull Request.