Point Cloud Map Creation

The PCL recorder package allows you to create point cloud maps from CARLA maps.

Before you begin

Install the pcl-tools library:

sudo apt install pcl-tools

Using the PCL recorder

The PCL recorder package will spawn an ego vehicle that can be controlled with the keyboard or via the autopilot functionality within the Carla PythonAPI.

1. After starting a CARLA server, in a new terminal run the following command to launch the PCL recorder package:

# ROS 1
roslaunch pcl_recorder pcl_recorder.launch

# ROS 2
ros2 launch pcl_recorder pcl_recorder.launch.py

2. When the capture drive is finished, reduce the overall size of the point cloud:

# Create one point cloud file
pcl_concatenate_points_pcd /tmp/pcl_capture/*.pcd

# Filter duplicates
pcl_voxel_grid -leaf 0.1,0.1,0.1 output.pcd map.pcd

3. Verify the result:

pcl_viewer map.pcd