CARLA Waypoint Publisher

The CARLA Waypoint Publisher makes waypoint calculations available to the ROS context and provides services to query CARLA waypoints. To find out more about waypoints, see the CARLA documentation.

Run the Waypoint Publisher

With a CARLA server running, execute the following command:

# ROS 1
roslaunch carla_waypoint_publisher carla_waypoint_publisher.launch

# ROS 2
ros2 launch carla_waypoint_publisher

Set a goal

If available a goal is read from the topic /carla/<ROLE NAME>/goal, otherwise a fixed spawn point is used.

The preferred way of setting a goal is to click '2D Nav Goal` in RVIZ.


Using the Waypoint Publisher

The CARLA AD demo uses the Waypoint Publisher to plan a route for the CARLA AD agent. See the CARLA AD demo launchfile for an example on how it is used.



Topic Type Description
/carla/<ego vehicle name>/waypoints nav_msgs/Path Publishes the calculated route


Service Type Description
/carla_waypoint_publisher/<ego vehicle name>/get_waypoint carla_waypoint_types/GetWaypoint Get the waypoint for a specific location
/carla_waypoint_publisher/<ego vehicle name>/get_actor_waypoint carla_waypoint_types/GetActorWaypoint Get the waypoint for an actor id