Town 10


Town 10 presents mixture of features from inner-city environments with glossy skyscrapers and industrial buildings next to waterfront promenades, apartment blocks, hotels, public buildings and tree-lined boulevards. Town 10's road network hosts a number of different junction arrangements with a variety of lane markings, crossings and signal types to challenge your autonomous agent in negotiating with other traffic.

Road network

The road network consists of a grid layout, including numerous different junctions including a 4-way yellow-box junction, dedicated turning lanes and central reservations.



The center of the town includes a tree-lined boulevard which is cast in shadows even at noon by the tree canopy.


A grand museum dominates one side of the town center.


An ocean promenade lines the other side of the town.


The architecture includes numerous skyscrapers in varying styles, including glossy, reflective buildings and unusually shaped twisting and cylindrical towers.