Contributing to CARLA

We are more than happy to accept contributions!

How can I contribute?

  • Reporting bugs
  • Feature requests
  • Improving documentation
  • Code contributions

Reporting bugs

Use our issue section on GitHub. Please check before that the issue is not already reported, and make sure you have read our Documentation and FAQ.

Feature requests

Please check first the list of feature requests. If it is not there and you think is a feature that might be interesting for users, please submit your request as a new issue.

Improving documentation

If you feel something is missing in the documentation, please don't hesitate to open an issue to let us know. Even better, if you think you can improve it yourself, it would be a great contribution to the community!

We build our documentation with MkDocs based on the Markdown files inside the Docs folder. You can either directly modify them on GitHub or locally in your machine.

To update Python API docs, instead of directly modifying the Markdown you need to edit the corresponding YAML files inside carla/PythonAPI/docs/ and run or make This will re-generate the respective Markdown files inside carla/Docs/, which can then be fed into mkdocs.

Once you are done with your changes, please submit a pull-request.


You can build and serve it locally (at by running mkdocs in the project's main folder.

  > sudo pip install mkdocs
  > mkdocs serve

Code contributions

So you are considering making a code contribution, great! We love to have contributions from the community.

Before starting hands-on on coding, please check out our issue board to see if we are already working on that, it would be a pity putting an effort into something just to discover that someone else was already working on that. In case of doubt or to discuss how to proceed, please contact one of us (or send an email to

Where can I learn more about Unreal Engine?

A basic introduction to C++ programming with UE4 can be found at Unreal's C++ Programming Tutorials. Then, if you want to dive into UE4 C++ development there are few paying options online. The Unreal C++ Course at Udemy it's pretty complete and there are usually offers that make it very affordable.

What should I know before I get started?

Check out the "CARLA Design" document to get an idea on the different modules that compose CARLA, and chose the most appropriate one to hold the new feature. We are aware the developers documentation is still scarce, please ask us in case of doubt, and of course don't hesitate to improve the current documentation if you feel confident enough.

Coding standard

Please follow the current coding standard when submitting new code.


Once you think your contribution is ready to be added to CARLA, please submit a pull-request.

Try to be as descriptive as possible when filling the pull-request description. Adding images and gifs may help people to understand your changes or new features.

Please note that there are some checks that the new code is required to pass before we can do the merge. The checks are automatically run by the continuous integration system, you will see a green tick mark if all the checks succeeded. If you see a red mark, please correct your code accordingly.

  • [ ] Your branch is up-to-date with the master branch and tested with latest changes
  • [ ] Extended the README / documentation, if necessary
  • [ ] Code compiles correctly
  • [ ] All tests passing with make check