Here you will find the multitude of tutorials available to help you understand how to use CARLA's many features.


CARLA features

Retrieve simulation data — A step by step guide to properly gather data using the recorder.
Traffic manager — How to use traffic manager to guide traffic around your town.
Texture streaming — Modify textures of map objects in real time to add variation.
Instance segmentation camera — Use an instance segmentation camera to distinguish objects of the same class.
Bounding boxes — Project bounding boxes from CARLA objects into the camera.
Pedestrian bones — Project pedestrian skeleton into camera plane.
Control walker skeletons — Animate walkers using skeletons.

Building and integration

Build Unreal Engine and CARLA in Docker — Build Unreal Engine and CARLA in Docker.
CarSim Integration — Tutorial on how to run a simulation using the CarSim vehicle dynamics engine.
RLlib Integration — Find out how to run your own experiment using the RLlib library.
Chrono Integration — Use the Chrono integration to simulation physics.
PyGame control — Use PyGame to display the output of camera sensors.

Assets and maps

Generate maps with OpenStreetMap — Use OpenStreetMap to generate maps for use in simulations.
Add a new vehicle — Prepare a vehicle to be used in CARLA.
Add new props — Import additional props into CARLA.
Create standalone packages — Generate and handle standalone packages for assets.
Material customization — Edit vehicle and building materials.


How to upgrade content — Add new content to CARLA.
Create a sensor — Develop a new sensor to be used in CARLA.
Create semantic tags — Define customized tags for semantic segmentation.
Customize vehicle suspension — Modify the suspension system of a vehicle.
Generate detailed colliders — Create detailed colliders for vehicles.
Make a release — How to make a release of CARLA

Video tutorials

Fundamentals — Learn the fundamental concepts of CARLA and start your first script. CODE
An in depth look at CARLA's sensors — An in depth look at CARLA's sensors and how to use them. CODE