Update CARLA

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Get latest binary release

Binary releases are prepackaged and thus, tied to a specific version of CARLA. In order to get the latest, erase the previous one and follow the procedure stated in the quick start installation. In the CARLA repository, releases are listed in Development and there is also a highly experimental Nightly build containing the current state of CARLA up to date:

Update Linux and Windows build


Make sure to be in the local master branch before updating to then merge or rebase the changes to other branches.

The process of updating is quite similar and straightforward for both platforms:

Clean the build

Go to the CARLA main directory and delete binaries and temporals generated by previous build:

git checkout master
make clean

Pull from origin

Get the current version from master in the CARLA repository:

git pull origin master

Download the assets



- Erase the previous content in Unreal\CarlaUE4\Content\Carla.
- Go to \Util\ContentVersions.txt.
- Download the content for latest.
- Extract the new content in Unreal\CarlaUE4\Content\Carla.


In order to work with the current content used by developers in the CARLA team, follow the get development assets section right below this one.

Launch the server

Run the editor with the spectator view to be sure that everything worked properly:

make launch

Get development assets

The 3D assets, models, and maps have also a public git repository where the CARLA team regularly pushes latest updates. However, using this version of the content is only recommended to developers, as it may contain unfinished maps and/or models.

In order to handle this repository it is highly recommended to install git-lfs, as it works faster with large binary files, and these are modified regularly. To clone this repository go to the main CARLA directory and run the following command:

git clone https://bitbucket.org/carla-simulator/carla-content Unreal/CarlaUE4/Content/Carla


Delete the /Carla folder containing the assets before using the previous command. Otherwise, an error will show.