CARLA Simulator

Thanks for downloading CARLA!

How to run CARLA

Launch a terminal in this folder and execute the simulator by running

$ ./

this will launch a window with a view over the city. This is the "spectator" view, you can fly around the city using the mouse and WASD keys, but you cannot interact with the world in this view. The simulator is now running as a server, waiting for a client app to connect and interact with the world.

Let's start by adding some live to the city, open a new terminal window and execute

$ ./ -n 80

This adds 80 vehicles to the world driving in "autopilot" mode. Back to the simulator window we should see these vehicles driving around the city. They will keep driving randomly until we stop the script. Let's leave them there for now.

Now, it's nice and sunny in CARLA, but that's not a very interesting driving condition. One of the cool features of CARLA is that you can control the weather and lighting conditions of the world. We'll launch now a script that dynamically controls the weather and time of the day, open yet another terminal window and execute

$ ./

The city is now ready for us to drive, we can finally run

$ ./

This should open a new window with a 3rd person view of a car, you can drive this car with the WASD/arrow keys. Press 'h' to see all the options available.

For more details and running options please refer to our online documentation