CARLA Settings

This document is a work in progress and might be incomplete.


This document still refers to the 0.8.X API (stable version). The proceedings stated here may not apply to latest versions, 0.9.0 or later. Latest versions introduced significant changes in the API, we are still working on documenting everything, sorry for the inconvenience.


CARLA reads its settings from a "CarlaSettings.ini" file. This file controls most aspects of the simulation, and it is loaded every time a new episode is started (every time the level is loaded).

Settings are loaded following the next hierarchy, with values later in the hierarchy overriding earlier values.

  1. {CarlaFolder}/Unreal/CarlaUE4/Config/CarlaSettings.ini.
  2. File provided by command-line argument -carla-settings="Path/To/CarlaSettings.ini".
  3. Other command-line arguments like -carla-port.
  4. Settings file sent by the client on every new episode.

Take a look at the CARLA Settings example.

Weather presets

The weather and lighting conditions can be chosen from a set of predefined settings. To select one, set the WeatherId key in CarlaSettings.ini. The following presets are available

  • 0 - Default
  • 1 - ClearNoon
  • 2 - CloudyNoon
  • 3 - WetNoon
  • 4 - WetCloudyNoon
  • 5 - MidRainyNoon
  • 6 - HardRainNoon
  • 7 - SoftRainNoon
  • 8 - ClearSunset
  • 9 - CloudySunset
  • 10 - WetSunset
  • 11 - WetCloudySunset
  • 12 - MidRainSunset
  • 13 - HardRainSunset
  • 14 - SoftRainSunset

E.g., to choose the weather to be hard-rain at noon, add to CarlaSettings.ini


Simulator command-line options

  • -carla-settings="Path/To/CarlaSettings.ini" Load settings from the given INI file. See Example.CarlaSettings.ini.
  • -carla-port=N Listen for client connections at port N, streaming port is set to N+1.
  • -carla-no-hud Do not display the HUD by default.